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2010-01-21 02:26 pm

Downloads - Walking In My Sleep

After fiddling around with these for the past three days I think they are ready to be shared. They come in 9 colors, topless or with bra, clearly labeled if you only like some of them. The bra part is a recolor from HystericalParoxysm, and the bottom part is a recolor of Corinne's undies Violenza. Enjoy =]

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2010-01-21 06:16 pm

Downloads - Milaboo Self Sim

She turned out pretty well I think =] She comes in a pretty outfit from Under Your Skin. She was modeling my new undies in these shots, that's why she's not wearing her normal clothes :P

You may do with her as you please, except claim you made her, or put her for download somewhere else.

More Shots and Download )
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2010-01-21 06:41 pm
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Hello There

This is Mila, sounseelie @ LJ, this is my sims journal where I'll be posting stuff I make, in game shots, legacies, challenges, and anything else related to simmnig. You can add me if you'd like.

Terms Of Use relating to my custom content:

Feel free to edit things I make, you dont need to ask, just credit would be nice. You can upload clothes, etc with your sims, lots, as long as its for free.