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Blake Legacy - Gen 1.1

So, these pasts days I've been setting up a neighborhood to play a new legacy, townifying sims for a pixel_trade ISBI, yeah, lol. That means I will only be controlling one sim a time, fun huh? I've also included some sims that are not from pixel_trade, but I think they're awesome and would like to see them in my legacy. Naming theme is from the Anita Blake universe.

This here is our founder, Micah Blake, by [ profile] hidden_kitten

I just let him do what he wants for the first couple of hours, and he spends it at the beach.

Our first visitor, Millicent Hodges by [personal profile] pooklet

Millicent: Hmmm, I smell fresh meat.
Micah: uhh, I was just on my wait out!


Micah: So, that's why the captain had to shoot the photon torpedoes at the kinglons!

Malachai: But that wasnt justice! The klingons were just defending their honour!

uhh, Micah, instead of discussing star trek with Malachai Darwin([ profile] stakeit_uk) go find some girls!

But no girls had showed up yet, only guys kept coming =[ here's Noah Lutzen([ profile] simfinite)

Micha: Lets celebrate this sausage fest with hotdogs!

was that a pun? was it???

Finally a girl! This is Jaina Phoenix by [ profile] simpressions

We like

She likes

But its only 1 bolt, we keep looking.

Its Aphrodite! by [ profile] rikkulidea and we run to meet her.

I admit I may be kinda biased towards her, since I love the Randolph legacy, buuut, they got two bolts. Success!

Next day we invite her over for a date, let the wooing being! By the way, Micah got a job in the entertainment career already, I just forgot to take a shot.

Micah: Psst, you're hoooot.

Micah: Mwehehe, I foresee my future plans coming to fruition.

Aphrodite: That was sort of ... creepy.
Micah: But but... I just meant falling in love. And having babies! Dont forget the babies!

Aphrodite is won over by Micah's baby making plans.

I smell ~victory~

Aphrodite moves into the household, and they go at it autonomously.

Micah declares his love in the bathroom... with the toilet as his witness.

Helloooo, Im hungryyyy.

Was me feeling like crap in his plans???

Oh noes, autonomous cooking.

Its just pudding.

Ewww, something stinks!

Its you Aphrodite, just go take a bath!

I meant in the bathroom... no one's using it!

Ahh, wave watching is so relaxing.



Aphrodite becomes obsessed with the beach!

Micah: This fire is so awesome that it makes me more enthusiastic about cooking!

First passout of the legacy D:

Baby dust!

And the obligatory wedding in undies is here.


Aphrodite celebrates her wedding day by passing out again in her soup.

Chance card!

Well, shit.

And Aphrodite passes out again.

Maybe if you spend your nights actually sleeping it wouldn't happen!

And again.. Seriously, she spends all her time awake at the beach.

Micah gets promoted! Isn't that work outfit win??


First self-wetting. Micah isnt amused D: Give her a break, the girl is having your babies!

Where is my happiness???

Aphrodite passes out again.

Hellooo, my life stinks!

Are you sure its not that bowl over there?

And the babies are finally born. Here's Raina, mommy's skin and eyes, daddy's hair.

I was so relieved when it happened, Aphrodite spent the whole pregnancy in red D:

And here's Bibiana, mommy's skin and eyes, and daddy's hair again.

Micah: My wife looks so hot when she passes out.

... Micah? Shouldnt you be a bit concerned?

Aphrodite: Would it be wrong if I peed on the sink.

Yes, Aphrodite, that would be very wrong indeed.

So far she hasn't realized she has babies, and continues to spend her time at the beach.


Micah: Remember our dream date honey, the one we ended with you moving in and getting pregnant??
Aphrodite: Yeah... I'd rather not remember that.

You have babies Aphrodite!

Aphrodite: Pretty seashell~

So, about here Im starting to think about moving them somewhere else with no beach so she wont get so distracted, lol.

What is that smell?

Baby tossing~

The twins are ready to grow up.

This is Raina, before her makeover.

Now its Bibiana's turn


Our mommy doesnt feed us, lets eat plastic blocks!

First baby passout by Raina. There's a baby blanket in your room!

Aphrodite: Uhh, what is that smelly thing?
Micah: Aphrodite, its our daughter Raina who needed a bath, remember?
Raina: ;-;

I finally moved them to another beachless lot, and Aphrodite is freed from her beach addiction and starts to notice her daughters.

Bibiana after her makeover.


-Legacy Stats-
Torch Holders: 1
Perma Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Self Wettings: 1
Fires: 1
Pass Outs: 8 D:
Fights: 0
Deaths: 0